Mission and strategy

Mission and strategy


The mission of the BDCH is to support and develop the Belarusian human rights movement.

BHRH works in four strategic directions:

  • human rights advocacy;

  • human rights education;

  • capacity building and strengthening of human rights defenders and their organizations, institutional building;

  • protection of human rights defenders and support for victims of repression.

Strategic directions

Target groups

Target groups are those for whom our organization exists. The activities and strategic directions of the BJP are aimed directly at the target groups. Target groups consume products and services of the BJP. The lives of target groups change for the better thanks to our activities:

  • Belarusian human rights defenders;

  • human rights organizations of Belarus;

  • victims of political repression;

  • Belarusian non-profit organizations that share the value of human rights and integrate aspects of human rights into their activities.


the Barys Zvozskau Belarusian Human Rights House and its activities by making a charitable donation.